Why Get School Boards Involved in the Porn Filter Fight?

GOAL: Involving endorsements from as many school boards in your state as possible before November.

If 5 volunteers involve their local school districts behind this, the state will pay attention to the uprising. This will be by making the agenda for the AUGUST school board meetings.

~~Suggested Script Below.~~

We know it is against the law to give porn to minors. Your schools know it too. School boards can and will change legislation. You can google your school board by zip code. On their website you will see the individuals. Friend them each on facebook and email each until you get a response. They should have the knowledge of the process required to join your state sponsor of the filter bill ( the senate and house majority leaders will be the ones to help you find sponsors) to push this bill.

Dear ____,
Tennessee passed the Resolution to Declare Porn a Health Crisis. As kids are being exposed to porn on school property every day, instead of endless litigation I am sure you are buckling up for, I highly recommend that now is the time to take porn legislation at the manufacturers level seriously. Would you please take a few minutes to look over this piece of legislation we are introducing to the Senate and House Majority leaders mandating that all technology be sold in safe mode, filtering all X-Rated content.

The Human Trafficking And Child Exploitation Prevention Act has 39 states moving on this in 2019.

Here is a video that really explains the filter bill.

Here is a website that is useful that lists all of the sponsors – humantraffickingpreventionact.com

Here is a video of one of the hearings on this act in West Virginia, where a Senator goes after the ACLU:

May we set up a time to talk about how you, as a school board member to set up a children safe plan?

Thank you for your time.

(Your Name)
(Your phone number)

Chris Silver~ Author of the Bill and Constitutional lawyer
Cell: 615-500-4411

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