About Us

…Individuals Sharing the Damaging Reality of Porn, together, creating a nation without exploitation.

…Every home, free from Exploitation

Pornography  IS a national Healthcare crisis we are here to highlight this damaging issue and create a movement to promote legislators to introduce legislation banning the pornography in all 50 states.

A youth pastor, once raped, spiraled into the porn industry until facing 30 years in prison for human trafficking. I spent 18 months at the nations most successful sex trafficking recovery network that will have 20 sex industry recovery homes by 2020. But in 2013, with over 300 unanswered emails to Denver’s mega churches, the top of Googles Human Trafficking organizations; my voice had fallen through the cracks. I kept googling “how do I get out of prostitution” and somehow Google told me it was called human trafficking. I felt like the most unrelatable human as a survivor of the sex industry. How could this be legal when my mental health bills are nearing 1 million dollars? My identity was interrupted by the reality of truth.

In 2016, I spoke all over the nation about the Reality of Porn. A recorded 750,000 people were told the truth. Lines for the truth, were longer than the lines at the porn conventions. I realized, for once, I was relatable. I realized every person has fallen for the lies of exploitation and the Truth has Set people Free. It was no longer about me; and my story. This is about the story of legalized exploitation which has led to the modern Day Abolition Movement. As I heard the story of the nation in 2016, this birthed This is My Story in 2017.