Netflix and Activate!

Study Up ButterCup! After you have watched the 14 min video on I recommend the following movies and documentaries that will inspire you to the depths of history we will be making: Eric Brokovich (how grassroots we are), Unreasonable Man (car industry refusing regulation) , Most Hated Woman in America…

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What Does the Supreme Court say about the Porn Filter?

The Supreme Court wants the State and Federal legislature to pass the Human Trafficking And Child Exploitation Prevention Act. Here is an article on this act in Missouri:

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This Is Erick’s Story

My name is Erick Bates, a grateful believer in Christ, and I struggle with codependency and self-worth.   I had everything I really wanted; married for 20 years, a house in the suburbs, two kids, two cars, two cats, two dogs, career of 14 years, a family business, and my…

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