Help Us Reach 1 Million People

What an AMAZING year 2017 was!  We hit 765,000 ‘known’ people, reached through my Public Speaking on the Reality of the Porn Industry and Human Trafficking through #ThisIsMyStory!!!  1 Million Reached is our 2018 Goal, but how?

We’ve raised OUR GOALS & others AWARENESS!

This is our mission! >>

“We are individuals sharing the reality of pornography’s destruction together, creating a generation without exploitation!” 

Using YOUR Stories too!

I (Jessica Joy) spoke for free for an entire year, please help me continue by donating to help me put resources into the hands of those who need it most, in order to educate society on the severe epidemic of Exploitation and Human Trafficking!

Including daily travel & lodging bills, I bought 1k in T-shirts, $1,200 in books to educate Parents on how to train & protect children from porn with your GIFTS! = $12,000

That means, to reach 1 person, it cost ONLY $0.07 CENTS!

In 2018, our goal is to reach 1 million people and to pass the The Human Trafficking Prevention Act bill, both in Conservative and Liberal Sates, allowing us to get the bill passed Federally!

We are using #ThisIsMyStory as a social media take over, to make a REAL impact on the legalized Exploitation Industry, called Porn!

This will take 3 paid staff, including operations, cost is estimated at $70,000 right now.  Please help us achieve this crucial goal!

$7 per month reaches 100 people

$14 per month reaches 200

$28 per month  reaches 400
OR your monthly gift of $70 reaches 1,000 PEOPLE

IMAGINE THE IMPACT we can all make together!!!!   Thank you once again!
To be a part of the Board of Directors, a local Focus Group or to Volunteer, please Contact US here!

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