Why did This Is My Story, Inc. begin?

Our Executive Director and founder, Jessica Neely, is a survivor of human trafficking and a former adult film actress and madam.  During her speaking engagements over the past year she realized the necessity for the elevation of human trafficking awareness as well as the need to work toward the eradication of the easy access to digital pornography.  It was also through these experiences that she realized the urgent need to give individuals a place to share their survivor stories.


How long has your organization existed?

This Is My Story, Inc. was founded in early 2017 as an expansion to the efforts our founder was making in the advancement of human trafficking awareness.  Prior to founding our nonprofit organization, Jessica Neely traveled the country speaking at events and continues to do so today.


How can I get my story of survival published on your website?

We offer the opportunity for human trafficking survivors to share their stories.  Please submit your information and a brief explanation here.  We will work with you to get your voice heard.  You could be featured on our Facebook page, Instagram or on our website.


How can I get involved?

We welcome volunteers!  Much of our volunteer work is done online and we communicate through Facebook Messenger and Gmail.  We always have opportunities available, from graphic design to writing to research.  We appreciate and need your help.  NO EFFORT IS TOO SMALL!


How can I donate to your organization?

We cannot make it with out the support of people like you.  We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and we appreciate and accept donations through our Paypal link.


When and where will Jessica be speaking next?

We will be posting Jessica’s speaking engagements on our calendar.  This will also include live interviews where she will be the one asking the questions of other organization founders, survivors and individuals and groups working hard to advance the human trafficking awareness and pornography access restriction movements.