We’ve curated a list of resources for any of our visitors that are looking for help! Please feel free to reach out to us as well.

*This list will continue to grow over time – all sources are linked directly to their website.

Changing Lanes Ministries – they are ministry devoted to helping both men and teenagers recover and find deliverance from the effect of sexual addiction.

Refuge for Women – helped Jessica through her recovery, and they can help you too!  They offer a safe escape for sexually exploited women.  They have locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas, Kentucky, and North Texas.

Celebrate Recovery ® – is a “Christ-Centered Recovery Program” and their website if filled with resources and a support group locator.

Authentic Relationship International – offers programs, retreats, professional development events, coaching, and consulting.  Gene McConnell is both international and national public speaker.  He teaches on maintaining healthy marriages, the power of shame, building healthy workplace and community relationships.

Rebecca Bender – is a Survivor Leader.  She escaped the life of sex trafficking and her testimony is one of beautiful redemption.  She is also the author of Roadmap to Redemption Find a copy in our store.

Hope International – offer services and help to those who are the poorest and through their help, people are able to regain self-sufficiency.

NoFap® – community-based porn recovery website.  It is their goal to help their users to “overcome their sexual additions so they can heal from porn-induced sexual dysfunctions…”

Reboot Nation – is a community of people who are fighting against the negative effects of pornography.  They provide helpful resources and the necessary information to kickstart recovery.

Addicted to Internet Porn – Noah offers a wealth of ways to get help and start your road to recovery today.  He provides a free book, articles, and video resources.  You can set up consultations on Skype or phone.

If your organization is not on this list, and you would like to have it added, please send us an email at jessica.joy@thisismystory.solutions with the Subject Line: “Recovery Resource”.