There are countless hours of Research Required… Do you like CSI?

Research Topics: Litigation leads to legislation as your will see in Big Tobacco and the Auto Industry. We will be filing lawsuits in every single state. In order to do that, leg work needs to go in on who should be your states plantiffs. Do you or someone you know love researching and googling? Include them! Comment your finds in the comments! Thank you!

Gender/ Gay Parody Bill:

Find schools that have introduced faith based gender bathrooms, read the articles, find the plaintiffs to testify? Let me know when you get their contact information so the Constitutional Lawyer may talk with them.

Find a school on google that has had the trans faith based bathroom issue OR the trans sports issue. Find the contact information for those who are plantives in the articles. Let me know when yougt their contact information so the Constitutional Lawyer may talk to them.

Has your child or someone you know, been persecuted for their beliefs? Their case may fit the criteria for our lawsuits needed in every state.

Have you or someone you know switched faith based genders, or faith based sexual preferences? Can you research who in your state has that is vocal about it? Search news articles or Southern Poverty Law for those in your state that would be will to testify, steer you in a direction of someone willing?

What churches in your state are bold in in addressing gender or gay marriage? You can find these articles on google or facebook posts. Can we host events there?

What professionals in YOUR state are making news for standing up for their beliefs? We are looking or one belief discriminating another. This is be the counselling community.

Your goal is to contact them and see how involved they want to be, testify, invest, or involve others.

Google or go on Facebook and find who coordinated the walk for Life Protests. Who organized it? Who funded it? What Media Covered it? Your goal is to involve them at the deepest level they can commit to.

What churches cover these marches? Can we do events there?

Porn Filter Bill:
Gather ALL Professionals in Human Services. Therapist Association. Teacher Association. College Rape Prevention Groups. Rape Crisis. Domestic Violence Shelters. Any organization that comes up in google with advocey that refers to women or children. Human Trafficking Coalitions. Sex Industry Ministries found on google to testify.

What churches have talked about porn, they may REALLY get involved. This will be found on google or facebook. Pastors that make the paper for sexual misconduct, those churches will gladly gt involved. Right?